Weed Hangover: And How to Recover Quickly

Freddie Jun 05, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Common Weed Hangover Symptoms
  2. Why do we get Marijuana Hangovers?
  3. How to Prevent Weed Hangovers
  4. How to Treat a Weed Hangover
    1. Mild Nausea or Nausea
    2. Dry Eyes
    3. Brain Fog / Focusing Issues
    4. Weed Headache
  5. Marijuana Smoking for Medical Application
  6. If You Are Having a Hard Time Quitting
  7. Summary
    1. Good Luck

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Some people claim weed can not get you hungover. Those people have probably never smoked enough to feel the aftereffects.

Research on the topic is still very limited (unfortunately), but some studies have shown us that smoking weed can result in next-day symptoms. That is if you smoked before going to sleep. It can also result in daytime fatigue for many who smoke and get sober before bedtime.

All this being said, I think and have experienced that a weed hangover is so much better than an alcohol hangover.
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Common Weed Hangover Symptoms

Everyone is different. Everyone experiences hangover symptoms differently, and dosage can have a say in your experience. The most common symptoms of a weed hangover are;

  • Mild nausea

  • Dry mouth / Dry eyes

  • Brain fog / Focusing issues

  • Headaches

  • Lack of enthusiasm (Lethargy)

  • General Fatigue or grogginess

  • Lingering effects of being high

Why do we get Marijuana Hangovers?

For me, it is a simple answer. Overconsumption is too much cannabis at once or in one day. It can also greatly vary how we feel due to dietary choices. I know for a fact that if I get insane munchies and chug down enough junk food to fill me up, ill end up feeling shitty. You might end up with an upset stomach as well.

HYDRATE! It is super important to hydrate; a mix of being tired and dehydrated rarely leads to any fun.

While we know a lot about how cannabis affects the human body, there is a lot we don't know. To put this in perspective, there are over 500 chemicals in marijuana.

We know about the two that get you "high" (THC and CBD). However, there are at least 498 other chemicals also doing something.

THC is metabolized in the liver, and its metabolites can accumulate in your system. Some believe that this is part of the reason for a weed hangover.

Other body stuff includes the weeds' interaction with the cannabinoid receptors. People hypothesize that this interaction can have lingering effects on our bodies and headspace.

Additionally, there are a lot of different strains out there with various chemical compounds. Therefore, consuming cannabis is not the same every time. It has never been, and it never will be.

Consumption methods can also be to blame. For example, statistics show that Cannabis edibles, concentrates, and vaping lead to hangover symptoms more often than a simple joint.

As stated, people are very different, and tolerance levels vary greatly. So, a great way to prevent a weed hangover is not overdoing it in the first place and sticking to joints.
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How to Prevent Weed Hangovers

As I just said, don't smoke too much and preferably stick to joints. Experience will count for a lot when wondering if you have smoked too much. In addition, you will be able to more clearly get a feel for how the morning aftereffects will be.

For newer users, I recommend always starting low and safe. You can always smoke more, never less. Is smoking weed for the first time, or still relatively new?

I would recommend you check out my post on what to expect the first time you smoke weed.

Some critical points for preventing hangovers are:

  • Don't mix marijuana and other drugs. Mixing stuff is rarely a good idea, even though it can be fun. There is still a lot we don't know about many substances, and even more we don't know about mixing them.

  • Though I have found weed to "cure" alcohol hangovers.

  • Don't smoke weed every day. Doing so will build up a tolerance, leave your body in a more confused state, and amplify the morning after effects.

  • If your body is used to being high often, it will notice when it stops being often.

  • Avoid smoking weed or getting high before an important day! Especially if you know yourself to experience weed hangovers. This is a basic rule: Don't smoke weed beforehand if doing something important.

  • Hangover effects can be catastrophic in a professional or serious environment.

  • Beware when trying new consumption methods or products. Trying a dab for the first time? Vaping marijuana for the first time? Something weed for the first time? Be careful and start slow.

  • Hydrate and eat well. Wellness professionals have never said being correctly hydrated is bad for you. So please, stay hydrated.

  • You should also consider the type of foods you're consuming. Good, healthy food will be better for your mind and body than junk and pop. I'm not saying you can't eat junk or drink pop but limit your intake.

  • Stay in shape. Lack of exercise can also cause the body to renew itself slower. I know the stereotype for weed smokers is being lazy, but trust me. I smoke a lot and still go to the gym.

  • To summarize the last two points, If your diet is good and you exercise frequently. Your body will have better tolerance and faster metabolism, and your body chemistry will be more balanced.

  • These three factors make it easier for your body to withstand hangover and withdrawal symptoms.

  • When smoking cannabis, don't smoke over your limit! This is the most crucial factor in not getting a marijuana hangover. Marijuana Smoking is super fun, but don't overdo it unless you're ok with getting a weed hangover.

How to Treat a Weed Hangover

As I wrote before, there are several symptoms of a weed hangover. There are also several ways to treat these, both individually and together. Some things work better than others. Some are specific.
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Mild Nausea or Nausea

Smoking too much cannabis can cause nausea and vomiting. A weed hangover can also be the root cause of nausea. This seems less common than the other symptoms, but many experiences it nevertheless.

To treat nausea, I would recommend eating easy foods and drinks. You may also want to consider some anti-nausea medication

Dry Eyes

when smoking cannabis, your eyes usually redden and dry out due to THC causing dilation in the ocular capillaries. This tends to clear up fairly quickly, but some don't get rid of it that easily.

To treat dry eyes, I recommend eye drops. RedEyes are my personal go-to, also for reducing redness when high. To stay incognito.

Brain Fog / Focusing Issues

Brain fog is one of my least favorite feelings. I was literally feeling like the word "Ugh". But unfortunately, this is also one of the most common weed hangover symptoms.

Starting your day on an "ugh" note isn't wanted and will likely affect health and wellness if not cleared up.

I recommend getting your blood flowing and your senses awakened. This can be accomplished by;

  • Taking a brisk walk. This will get your muscles activated and will help wake up the brain. Fresh air is also an advantage.

  • Cold water. Splashing cold water on your face or taking a cool shower will wake you up and heighten your senses.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Remember, if your life consists of healthy habits, your body will be happy. If you fill up on shit, you will feel like shit. A poor diet never helped anyone.

  • Caffeine. Drink some coffee, Caffeinated tea, or an energy drink. Caffeine is a stimulant that makes your mind wake up and adds maybe just a few horsepower.

weed hangover, cannabis hangover

Weed Headache

With brain fog, one of the most common withdrawal symptoms is headaches. Unfortunately, when dealing with marijuana withdrawal, it increases the odds of it being a persistent headache. However, it's easier to deal with if it is only a typical weed hangover.

  • Cold Stuff. A frozen bag of peas, for example. Even when dealing with an alcohol hangover. Healthline states, "... the cold can constrict blood vessels and help reduce the neurotransmission of the pain to the brain."

  • Massages. Massaging the Temple area can be helpful as stiff muscles can cause headaches. Massaging other areas of your head is also smart—neck, jaw, shoulders, and others.

  • Other drugs. Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and similar. DO FOLLOW THE DOSING INSTRUCTIONS!

  • DONT DRINK Alcohol. If you are suffering from a weed hangover and your head hurts. Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do. This likely will increase and not decrease your pain.

Marijuana Smoking for Medical Application

Medical cannabis can also cause hangover symptoms in larger doses or consumed in forms other than joints. Some medical cannabis users state that the cannabis-related negative consequences are still better than that of their original condition.

From chronic pain patients' perspectives, weed hangovers aren't that much of an issue. We also need to remember that medical users are experienced and don't smoke to become "high". Instead, they smoke to relieve pain for themselves.

When experienced and using the proper dosage, you can potentially eliminate the cannabis hangover experience forever. In addition, though it is controversial, cannabis works as an excellent pain reliever.

If You Are Having a Hard Time Quitting

If you're experiencing weed hangovers time after time and tell yourself that you want to stop but don't, It's time to get help.

Cannabis can be addictive, contrary to popular belief. The psychological side of it stands out a bit more than the physical side, but it still might be an addiction and should be treated.

If weed hangovers are frequent, this is your first sign that you're potentially overusing, and you should consider getting help if you are unable to cut down on your own.

There are other signs to look out for as well, to indicate misuse or overuse of weed;

  • Trying to stop but failing

  • Keeping a constant supply

  • Buying even if you can't afford it

  • Being stressed out when you don't have access.

  • When avoiding social settings where smoking marijuana is not ok.

  • Smoking more than you wanted to.

  • Using it daily or near-daily.

If any of these apply to you, consider getting help. Suppose you were going from marijuana to other substances. Definitely get help. Cannabis use is, as we know it, safer than many other substances.
weed hangover,


Weed hangovers suck. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do both before and after. To prevent and to aid. Cannabis consumers have always consumed cannabis products, and I don't think they will stop anytime soon. I know I won't. If stuck with a marijuana hangover, chill, drink lots of water, eat good food, and try to rest.

Remember! It is important never to overuse marijuana or any other drug. Drugs can and will always have negative effects that we can't control. If you no longer control your drug use, that means the drugs control you. GET HELP if you need it, seriously.

Remember, marijuana cigarettes work best for not getting cannabis hangovers. Edibles and concentrates have more risk.

Good Luck

I wish you guys the best of luck in your weed hangover adventures, and I hope my article was helpful. Let me know what works best for you by sending me a message "HERE".



Table of Contents
  1. Common Weed Hangover Symptoms
  2. Why do we get Marijuana Hangovers?
  3. How to Prevent Weed Hangovers
  4. How to Treat a Weed Hangover
    1. Mild Nausea or Nausea
    2. Dry Eyes
    3. Brain Fog / Focusing Issues
    4. Weed Headache
  5. Marijuana Smoking for Medical Application
  6. If You Are Having a Hard Time Quitting
  7. Summary
    1. Good Luck

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. As stated, it does not cost you any money, but it does help me run this blog! Thank you.