First time smoking weed (and what to expect)

Freddie May 16, 2023
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Adventure Awaits!

So, you have decided to smoke weed for the first time. You're excited but want to know more about what to expect and what you likely will experience smoking cannabis. You might even be a bit hesitant to try.

Here are all my tips and tricks to have a memorable experience smoking cannabis for the first time.

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How to prepare

Although you probably see people smoking marijuana without batting an eye all the time, the first times you smoke weed can be a bit different. It is highly recommended to start low and safe. Low and safe means low doses in a safe environment. A safe environment includes close friends (preferably with experience smoking weed).


How much cannabis should I smoke if it's my first time smoking weed? There isn't a simple answer to this, but there are guidelines.

If you are at a party or hanging out with a group of friends and they are going to smoke, simply take a single puff or two and wait. Wait longer than you think and see how you feel. You can always smoke more, never less. Try small hits with a few minutes in between and notice small changes in how you feel and/or think.

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What kind of marijuana product to use?

There are several ways to get high off thc and CBD. (provider of the psychoactive effects) These are the products I would recommend for beginners:

Normal bud:

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Simply taking bud, grinding it, and rolling it using rolling papers and a filter is the most simple and classic way of smoking marijuana. Medical marijuana is most often in this form. A fun variation to make the smoke a little easier on the throat would be to add some Greengo or another form of herb.

Making the smoke a little milder makes it a lot easier to inhale the marijuana smoke properly. Some people use tobacco to mix. If you don't partake in nicotine consumption, you can simply use a pipe or a bong. These methods of smoking weed can result in a stronger effect than what you desired, but if you remember the low dose and safe environment rule, you should be fine.

I have to recommend that the weed you smoke is safe. Therefore you should get your bud from a licensed dispensary. If this isn't possible in your situation, use a source you trust.

Normal bud is the only way I would recommend someone smoking marijuana for the first time should do it. There are other consumption methods I could recommend for first-time users. One of them is edibles. These come labeled with the dosage, and you can ask for help at your local dispensary with which ones you should eat. A huge benefit to edibles is no cannabis smoke damages your lungs. If making them yourself, always remember: Low dose and a safe environment.

Cannabis strains and how to consider

There are a variety of cannabis strains to pick and choose from. For your first time, I would focus solely on THC levels and CBD ratio.

Weed usually varies in the range from 15% to 32% THC. The higher the percentage, the stronger the weed.

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First-timers should start with a lower percentage. But don't consider the cannabis strain too much; just pick one that's not too strong.

Around 20% THC with an Indica-dominant strain in a chill environment would be the safest bet for your first time smoking weed. Indica strains are typically more "chill" and provide a more mellow experience. A sativa-dominant hybrid could be more intense than chill. A sativa strain will win in a situation you want to be active and high.

How to smoke a joint properly: how to inhale weed smoke properly

First of all, take it slow and don't stress out. Taking it chill and slow is the best way to achieve the best effect.

When you start inhaling: don't stop inhaling as soon as the smoke reaches your mouth. Keep the airflow alive. Once the smoke hits your lungs, do a slow exhale. A common myth about smoking marijuana is to hold the smoke in your lungs for a long time. This will not get you higher but will rather give you oxygen deprivation. Keep the smoke in your lungs for no more than a second or two. Remember to get fresh air.

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If you are smoking for the first time, a problem you could get is a poorly rolled joint. I would recommend you get a friend over who has some "rolling skills" and show you how it's done. A bad joint can puff terribly and prevent you from inhaling properly, and it will definitely prevent you from having an enjoyable hit.

Inhalation battles

Coughing is a tricky one to beat. If you are not accustomed to smoke directly coming down your throat, you should expect to cough. Maybe a lot. The most effective way to counter this is really small puffs; one hit at a time.

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An intense burning sensation in your throat is also common. Known as burning throat. This can also be solved relatively easily by small puffs; one hit at a time.

Make it a day

Assure you have time before getting your first smoking experience. Don't smoke weed if you have to drive soon or go to work. The effects of smoking weed usually last between 2 and 3 hours. Even after the 3 hours have gone by, you might still feel a little weird. This is why you want to have a clear schedule with little to no plans. NO serious plans.

What to do if you feel you smoked too much cannabis?

Knowing what to do if you feel overwhelmed is super important! Luckily for us, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there for what to do when smoking cannabis and freaking out. It is normal to feel anxiety or paranoia your first time smoking weed.

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DON'T PANIC. The number one thing to remember is the effects will pass in minutes to a couple of hours. Another thing to note is no one has died of a cannabis overdose.

Know your limits. This is impossible if you have never tried. Therefore, start low and go higher as you get more comfortable.

Black Pepper. So many people swear to this technique. Chew on some black peppercorns or eat some black pepper for instant relief.

Try going for a walk. Don't do this in heavily populated areas, as that may be scary for some. but try and walk on a forest trail and even just around your house. Make sure to bring a few friends.

Distract yourself. Find something to do other than think about the cannabis experience. Try playing a video game or watching a movie.

Inhale deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax.

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Why smoke marijuana?

I never said you should smoke marijuana, and ill never say it. Just like any other drug, you should smoke weed because you want to try it out. I smoke weed as a great alternative to drinking alcohol. Cannabis consumers consume because they like the feeling it gets them. It can provide pain relief and a bunch of other benefits.

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If it is your first time smoking cannabis, you should be the only reason to smoke cannabis. Don't just do it because the next person did it. Do it because you want to.

Where to smoke weed for the first time

Simple answer: at home. Safe and well-known environments are always preferred for new drug experiences.

Not so simple answer: actually, anywhere you want. There are tons of places to get high. Some are more enjoyable than others. Chilling on the beach with a deep body high and having a good body time. Skating the local mini ramp, hiking in the forests, or on the mountains. There are extreme amounts of places weed can be smoked. For novice users or first-time smokers, places without many people are recommended to avoid paranoia and/or anxiety.

When maybe not to smoke weed

Youth: The human brain is not finished developing until the age of 25. thc consumption can lead to brain restructuring as it develops

pregnant or breastfeeding women: this increases the risk of having a premature birth, lower birth weight, lower alertness, and slower growth.

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Men who want to be dads: Cannabis can reduce sperm count, mobility, and concentration. These effects can make it more difficult to make a baby.

Taking other medications: Check out if there are known side effects to using cannabis and other medications you are using at the same time.

I have "Medical Conditions" Should I Smoke Weed?

If you suffer from respiratory conditions, cardiovascular conditions, mental health conditions, or past addiction struggles, it is seriously recommended to talk with your physician before smoking weed. The vaporizer route is "better" for your lungs, for example.

Although, with cardiovascular problems, you might have it worse off just having weed in your body, and your smoking experience will potentially be more stressful than fun.

My first time smoking marijuana

I didn't know how to inhale weed properly, I didn't know anything about strains, I didn't know about THC percentages, and I didn't know about other cannabinoids.

I was at my friend's place playing super smash brothers on game cube. A friend of my friend brought some weed, and we smoked weed for the first time. Had a great time eating chips, ordering pizza, and chilling out.

Spoiler alert! No hangover the next day ;)


Start safely. Low and safe. Safe environment and low dose. You can always smoke more, never less. Small hits with a few minutes in between. Get a proper feeling about where your headspace is at.

I would recommend smoking a normal joint with a normal bud, grinding it up, get ground cannabis. Roll it into a joint and light using the heat source of your choosing. Edibles are a viable option but expect a different type of high. If you want, you should try both, not at the same time, for starting out.

Find a strain with 20% THC, and try to get an Indica-dominant strain. If you have the choice, don't go for the strongest weed when starting out. If you don't have the luxury to choose your own strains, don't worry too much; just remember you don't know how strong it is.

When actually smoking the joint, remember to inhale properly. Inhale and keep inhaling all the way down to your lungs. Ask a friend for help and use youtube if it's your only option. Exhale slowly and try not to cough (you probably will though, but it's fine).

Don't have plans that day, try to be as free as possible. Clear schedule = a clear mind. Make your life as worry-free as possible.

Remember not to panic if the experience is frightening. Go for a walk, eat some black pepper, and distract yourself. A feeling of distress is normal when smoking cannabis for the first time.

The decision to smoke weed is yours and yours alone. Never do drugs you haven't thoroughly researched. And never do drugs if you don't want to.

Plan a suitable location for your first time smoking marijuana. Preferably at home. Somewhere comfortable.

Don't smoke weed if your medical situation does not support it. All drugs come with side effects. Some mixes can lead to strange highs and or bodily reactions.

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Good luck!

Good luck if you so decide to enjoy marijuana. Trying it for the first time can be a scary thing. I hope I managed to clarify some concerns. Cannabis is growing worldwide now. Let us focus on coming together as a community to help each other out.