Weed Crocs: The Best And Cheapest Options in 2023 (Discount)

Freddie Jul 29, 2023
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First, what is the deal with weed crocs? How many options do I have? And why are they so popular right now? Find the best options, and best prices here. 

Well, stoners all around love the irony and the comfortability of wearing them. Then they come in a "particular" design that can be a great conversation starter with fellow stoners.

Marijuana Crocs - Classic Hemp Leaf Clog

These are Crocs (brand original condition Crocs). Not a knockoff version. By far the best quality and durability. One of the better styles Crocs has available. Also, way more comfortable than knockoffs.

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Why Crocs?

Crocs are a comfort revolution. They are for men, women, and others and sell like hotcakes. I'll have plenty of options for you in this post, so keep reading to find your favorite pair.

Pot-leaf Crocs are a must-have for potheads. I hear it will definitely (maybe definitely) get you all the girls.

Getting to know clogs is a bit of a weird one, but I have no doubt in my mind when saying you will fall deeper in love with your new shoes every day.

They are every bit wonderful in the most beautiful way possible.

weed crocs, marijuana crocs

They can almost do anything! Even running at super speed is ok! Just secure your heel strap to activate sports mode. This makes for a pretty secure fit.

If you already own Crocs or have owned them in the past, this is for sure what you need to get.

The classic, water-friendly, lightweight, adorable, and fabulous shoes feel better than the off-brand ones.

There are loads more details on Amazon than I couldn't fit in here.

Reviews rate it 4.8 / 5, and we are talking over 11000. They have also exploded a bit on Reddit.

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If you want to, amazon offers easy returns, but I doubt you will wish to get any refund.

You can purchase these from Amazon or Crocs. The price and security make me choose Amazon. It's where we buy everything else.

Crocs Working Shoes

I love that Crocs actually made a pair specifically designed for working.

More specifically, they are made for customers in the food service, hospitality, and healthcare fields.

I guess weed Crocs for working purposes can be a bold choice, but if you can go for it, go for it.

What makes them different?

They don't have holes. This way, your feet are more protected from spillage. The metatarsal area is also thicker. They are also slip-resistant!

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These, unfortunately, don't have the option for charms, but they are rated almost 10/10 for being a comfortable pair, especially for long days, with many steps.

If you like the idea of working clogs but don't feel it's appropriate with marijuana crocs, they are also available in jet black. Link here.

How to make your Crocs 10x cooler

If you chose the classics, with holes, you can customize your weed Crocs to your own liking. My favorite shoe charm is the weed leaf in the center of the image below.

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They are fun, green, and add a whole lot of personality. When you first buy these best sellers, they're only Crocs until you style them. Now they are your Crocs. Customizing can be deeply important to the coolness factor.

Good Luck With Your Search, For Your Better (and comfier) Self

We live in a world where a comfortable pair of shoes isn't always a breeze to find. Workplace shoes especially.

When life allows you to wear Crocs, I wear Crocs. They are actually (no joke) good shoes. The difficult part might be getting the confidence to wear them. In my opinion, they make you confident!

Everyone reading this will, by now, think that Crocs are cool. Weed Crocs are even cooler. They are fun!

For the last 20-something years, clogs have been the shoe to make fun of, but celebs like Justin Bieber wear them. Help me protect Crocs' legacy. I'm sold, are you? Trust me, and your feet will thank you.

If you want to learn more about Crocs, their history, and what customers think, check out Crocs' own Wikipedia site.

I'll take it on my own account to spread the joy of Crocs to the world. It will be a continuous ongoing invitation. We will revolutionize the world!

ChatGPT Review on Marijuana Crocs

I had to ask ChatGPT to review these Crocs. I had to create this masterpiece for you guys. Keep in mind that ChatGPT is not a real human being and has never worn these Crocs.

"The weed Crocs has garnered mixed reviews from customers. On the positive side, many users found them to be comfortable and lightweight, making them ideal for casual wear.

The unique and colorful marijuana-themed design sparked conversations and attracted attention.

The Crocs also proved to be durable and easy to clean, holding up well over time. However, some reviewers expressed disappointment with the limited sizing options, which made it challenging to find the perfect fit.

Additionally, the bold design was only some people's cup of tea, with a few individuals finding it too flashy for their taste.

Ultimately, whether you'll enjoy these Crocs depends on your personal style and willingness to embrace the attention they bring."

Continue living life in a wonderful way, only now with weed Crocs! Let the hemp flower guide you on your journey!


Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.