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Freddie Jul 17, 2023
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Love video games? Ever wanted a bong for your coffee table? But not just any bong, a video game-themed bong. I have recommendations from Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and many other popular games!

Take notice, these top 10 video game bongs are not in any specific order.

Number 1: Hemper gamer bong

Hemper Gaming bong

Hemper Gaming Bong, Mario

This Flower chomper bowl combined with the Hemper gamer bong is perfect for anyone who loves video games and weed.

The bong handles both herbs and concentrates. In addition, it is sized for both good flavor and function— a perfect new addition to your collection. If looking for more Mario-specific special deals, check out my Super Mario bong list


hemper gaming bong specs

Available on hemper: (FREE SHIPPING ON ALL USA ORDERS)

There is also an XL version of this exact bong. It has space for almost double that of the smaller version. Check out the Hemper XL Gaming Bong here.

Number 2: Hemper gaming bong

Hemper - Gaming Flower XL Bong

Hemper XL Gaming bong, mario

This is the number one giant gaming bong, But the BIG version. This is a lot of glass. A unique feature of this piece of art is the mushroom inside it. The mushroom is a unique percolator design. This provides an astonishing level of filtration.

Although the price is a bit stiffer than the hemper gamer bong, it gives you more attention and bigger hits. Bigger, smoother hits. This product is almost guaranteed fun.

FYI, the coin is a splash guard. Thought you should know.


hemper xl gaming bong specs

Available on Tokersupply: (FREE SHIPPING ON ALL USA ORDERS)

Number 3: Carnivorous Plant Pipe

Carnivorous Plant Pipe

Mario pipe

I know, I know, again with the plant from Mario. Indeed. and this is not a bong... I know. While researching for the top 10 bongs, I found this little guy. This pipe is intended for smoking dry herbs. Right now, it's also on sale!

The leaves on both sides of the pipe keep it standing upright at all times!


mario pipe specs

Available on Dankstop: (Coupon Code FLOWER15 for 15% off)

Number 4: Legend of Zelda Pipe

Legend of Zelda Pipe

legend of zelda pipe

Fill up this handcrafted Zelda Triforce Engraved Glass Pipe and enjoy feeling like you are in Hyrule. Also, again... Not a bong, But you have to acknowledge it's super cool. Unfortunately, they do not offer free shipping, but I have read a review here and there, and they all seem to enjoy this pipe.

"Very happy with this purchase. Item came well packaged and fully intact, a victory we hadn't been so lucky with from other sources. It's very well made and looks great. The size is perfect, in my opinion, and communication with Mike was prompt, professional, and appreciated. A perfect online purchase experience! Thanks!" - Lyzzy Feb 28, 2019


legend of zelda pipe specs

Available on Etsy:(Hand Made!)

Number 5: Mario and Luigi Bong

Mario and Luigi Gaming Bong

mario and luigi bong

Ready to save princess peach? Nothing will get in your way with this gaming bong and some to smoke up. Bowser is currently at the checkout of his life because you one-uped him.

If you like special deals, this deal is for you! at only $54.90. good luck getting one before they're sold out


mario and luigi bong specs

Available on Gosensi:

Number 6: Yoshi gaming bong

Yoshi gaming bong

Yoshi bong

This is for sure a unique gaming bong I have ever seen. This piece of glass is the best purchase I have ever made. It is both super decorative for my home and super fun to use. A big downside of this bong is the cleaning process. You would need a lot of cleaning accessories to reach every spot on this Yoshi design rig.

Right now, you can qualify for saving 54% off your order, with the regular price being 129.99. and, of course, get free US shipping.


yoshi bong specs

Available on Worldofglasspipes:

Number 7: Spotted Egg Bong

Yoshi Egg gaming bong

yoshi egg bong

So cute. It is adorable. The customers almost don't want to use it, being afraid it won't be as pretty anymore. The next time Yoshi swallows you in super smash bros, it's a sign to take a hit. And hit back ;). As you can see, it comes with a showerhead percolator. This is to ensure the smoothest hit possible. Adaptable to also working as a dab tool. Who would not want a Yoshi dab rig?

Hemper offers easy returns on new products. not used products. 4,8 out of 5 stars on ten customer reviews.


yoshi egg bong specs

Available on Hemper: (Use CODE HighandShit)

Number 8: Chronic (Sonic) Bong

Sonic Gaming Bong

Sonic Bong

This bong doesn't say sonic, and it feels like a trick. Like almost sonic but not sonic. I decided to include it when I read about the percolator.

"The gem of this piece is the blue spiky ball percolator designed with directional holes to create a spinning effect."

This seems way too cool for a chill smoke session. Customers are for sure happy with it. And they ship worldwide!


sonic bong specs

Available on Hemper: (Use CODE HighandShit)

Number 9: Gaming flower chomper bong

Gaming Flower Bong

flower chomper bong

Again. The flower chomper design. I chose to have this one featured because of its dome top. It also has a showerhead percolator design. These two features combine together for a smooth smoking experience.

The Hemper website has a bunch of cool bongs. I highly recommend you check it out. I wanted to include a whole bunch of them, but this top 10 was for gaming bongs (and a few pipes).


flower chomper bong specs

Available on Hemper: (Use CODE HighandShit)

Number 10: Globgoblin Monster Bong

Globgobling monster bong

globgobling bong

Okay, so this isn't from a video game, but I want it to be part of a video game. So this is my message to the world. Please make a video game with a Globgobling. I want this. I need this.


globgobling bong specs

Available on Hemper: (Use CODE HighandShit)

Thank you for reading my top 10 video game-themed bongs (some pipes). I had a hard time finding all the fantastic video game-themed ones, and I hope this helps you spend less time finding them! Whichever rig you pick in whatever style is sure to get you going!

Don't smoke tobacco out of your herb bong. It leaves a considerable amount of tar which can be challenging to clean. Check out CannaConnections guide on how to get a better, more comfortable bong session. They really supply you with some great tips and tricks!

So, Pull out your Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX, or PC, and rip the shit out of your new bong. Stoners unite! Bob Marley would be proud! Cannabis culture is on the rise!

If you decide to purchase products from this list, let me know which! I'm curious to see which ones you liked the most. Feel free to subscribe for more awesome cannabis-related content.

ENJOY! FYI, Affiliate links are included in this blog post ;)

Always be a best friend!

- Freddie