Top 15: Cheap Bongs Under 25 Dollars

Freddie Oct 14, 2022
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Want a bong but can't afford the top-tier shelf stuff? Need a cheaper bong for travel purposes? Look no more. I have the best cheap bongs for sale online listed right here.

Mini Bongs For Under 25 Dollars

Mystery Mini Bong + Grinder + Peanut Pipe + Rolling Papers and Lighter

For values sake. This is the best value you will get for 25 bucks. Stonedgenie has a bunch of super cool bongs for sale, that are included in the mystery selection. Check out "this link" to see some of the bongs you might recieve.

As stated, you get a mini bong, a StonedGenie grinder, a pack of rolling papers, a peanut pipe and a lighter.

Available for exactly $24.99 at StonedGenie

8" Glass Bong with Ice Catcher

Finding cheap glass bongs with ice catchers is not common, but StonedGenie has one. As well as a bunch of other cheap glass bongs. This variety comes in Blue, Pink and Purple. Only intended for legal dry herb.

Of all cheap bongs, this might be the one I would pick for myself. It is 8" tall and has a single percolator.

Available for $19.99 at StonedGenie

Frosted Rasta Minibong

Feeling like bob marley? maybe just a little bit? In that case this little bong will be perfect for you. Cheap bongs arent always stylish, but this one definitely is. There is something really soothing about the colorwave.

Standing at 6" its long enough to please you. It is a cheap bong, but its a nice bong and that's what counts.

Available for only $11.99 at StonedGenie

Jay And Silent Bob 4.3" Mini Beaker Bong

As stated, cheap glass bongs will never be the same as expensive ones, but this does not mean they're necessarily bad.

This awesome affordable bong comes with a removable glass downstem with the herb bowl attached. A bent neck assures ease of use and the beaker base assures smoothens the smoke before it hits. It also has a carb hole to better control your hits.

A must-have for Jay and Silent Bob fans. Right now it's also on a 50% sale from $19.99 to $9.99. Free shipping domestically in the US.

Available and in stock at SmokeCartel

Christmas Bong - Snowman Style

This ingenious designer decided to mix a snowman with bongs. Christmas is right around the corner and I'm sure this would make the perfect stoner gift. This is a unique style of cheap water bongs. Unfortunately it is not see through which could make for a difficult cleaning situation. Look to the bottom of this post for the best cleaning method there is.

It is 6" Tall and has a 14mm male glass bowl.

Available from StonedGenie for $24.99 (Usually $29.99)

Tiny Martini Bong

The smallest bong on this list is the mini green martini bong. Its a wee 3" tall, but still packs a punch if you wish for it. Its the james bond edition of herb smoking accessories.

Available from StonedGenie for $12.99

Portable Hookah Style Bong

On the note of cheap glass bongs, and bongs you can bring just about anywhere, this is gold. The incredibly simple design makes it super easy to use, wash and conceal. It might not be thick borosilicate glass, but it works. And most important, it is cheap.

It's 4.2" in height and 1.2" in diameter. The "bottle" is made from glass and the bowl is metal. Beware of warm metal after use.

This is from Amazon at just $13.99

Travel Size Silver Bong Pipe

Similarly to the one above. It's super small and makes the cheap water bongs list. Its design is a bit more anonymous and could be confused for tobacco usage if herb would be problematic.

It comes apart quite easily for cleaning, but some places could be hard to reach in this style of a bong. none-the-less, your smoking experience will be nice. And it does come with a cleaning brush.

Available from Amazon for just $16.99 in silver or $15.99 in gold

Cheech And Chong Cheap Bong

The Triple C is unexpected. Cheech, Chong, and Cheap. It delivers a smooth price and even smoother rips. The designs are based on their movie "Up in Smoke". Of course, it comes with a carb hole to better control the entire experience.

It stands at 4.5" and is perfect on the go. It comes in a variety of colors and makes the perfect gift for any OG stoner. Also, free shipping in the entire US (almost).

In stock and available from SmokeCartel for $14.99 - Coupon code HIGHANDSHIT for 10% off

Acrylic Straight Tube Bong - Made In The USA

This right here is the choice pick for festivals, camping, and travel where packability and great function really matter. You can own all the smoking accessories you want, but this is something else. It's acrylic, so much care isn't required as it's "unbreakable".

The removable top and bottom make it a breeze to clean, and it doesn't cost more than $9.49 apiece.

It is a total of 6.3" tall and has a metal downstem with a screw-on bowl for transportation purposes. Comes in ALOT of colors. Free shipping.

It's available at $9.49 apiece at SmokeCartel. (Minimum order is 2 pieces. Gift one keep one?)

Angled Minibong With Grinder Base

Truly a fully equipped travel bong. There are indeed a heap of great cheap bongs online, but most don't come with a grinder. One less thing you have to bring on your journey! Angled for comfort and a super stylish sunset color, and others.

A few of the colors are also blacklight reactive. The grinder can easily be separated in order to fill and clean.

It totals at 6.5" with the grinder base.

It is available at SmokeCartel for only $24.50 with free shipping.

Big Affordable Bongs Under $25

Bubble Butt Bong

No cheap glass is used in these kinds of inexpensive bongs. That is because they're acrylic. It is a virtually unbreakable piece and cleans super easy due to the removable stand and cap. If you want big rips on your travels, this is the way to go.

It is 12" Tall and has a built-in aluminum downstem with a bowl for your herb of choice. Fill your bowls and fill your souls. Free shipping from SmokeCartel.

Available at SmokeCartel for only $21.75

Big Chungus

Now, this might not be a percolator bong, but it is a big Chungus bong. Smoking devices have come a far way, curving themselves so you don't get flames in your face. I'm impressed! This is perfect for places you could break glass bongs because again, it is acrylic.

They withstand almost anything. It makes for a popular and practical item at parties.

Standing at 10" tall with a metal downstem and bowl. Cleans up quite easily.

Available from SmokeCartel for $24.75. Coupon code HIGHANDSHIT for 10% off.

How to Clean Bongs Efficiently

Pink Formula

This is a proven way to efficiently clean and rinse glass, metal, ceramics and pyrex. It offers immediate results without scrubbing and leaves no taste or smell. Remove the stink, with the pink.

Get it from SmokeCartel, and never have a hard time scrubbing again.


For cleaning acrylics, check out wikihows guide ;)

What Are The Downsides To Cheap Bongs?

Less Durability

A cheaper bong will be made in less durable materials, often thinner glass or plastics that will wear and tear with time and use. Cheap glass bongs also pose a greater threat to breaking from lesser impacts than more expensive bongs.

They are often made with cheaper and thinner glass.


They will be harder to clean properly. It will take more time. Expensive bongs are often made in a manner that makes it more difficult for tar and other gunk to stick.

Visual Appearance

Cheap bongs will not look as cool as expensive ones. Often times it is a mass-production product, not a masterpiece.

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.