Super Mario Bong: Top 7 list

Freddie May 31, 2023
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Super Mario Bong: Top 7 list

Ever wanted to bong but then noticed how dull and not Mario your bong is? Yeah... So have I. Until I discovered that there are a lot of options out there. The coolest ones were hard to find, and many no longer sell. Here is my list of the top 7 coolest Mario bongs.

I was a wee bit disappointed in the stock the different websites had. Simply put, there are only a few bongs with an actual Mario figurine, although there is a lot of cool Mario Bros Universe-inspired gear.

Please don't smoke before the age of 18; that includes tobacco. Also, for more Video Game Bongs, check out this post!

Number 1: Hemper Gaming Bong 7" [Flower Chomper Bong]

I love the simplicity of this bong. Also, I love the guys at Hemper and Co. They have designed a fantastic site, and their reviews show their level of professionalism.

The Hemper brand is high quality and can easily be a part of your collection for a long time.

This incredible piece can be picked up for only $59.99 at
mario bong, flower chomper


  • Height = 7" or ~18cm

  • Diameter = 3" or ~8cm

  • Base Mounted Showerhead Percolator

  • 3mm Thickness

Number 2: Hemper Gaming Bong XL 10" [XL Flower Chomper Bong]

Again, I love the simplicity of this Super Mario-themed bong. I didn't mention it, but shipping from Hemper is super easy. Unfortunately, they don't accept used returns. Other than that, they rock.

This Mario bong handles twice the amount of the smaller Hemper gaming bong and is intended for such. This isn't for a light hit. It is also only intended for legal use. No illegal herbs should ever be used with this bong.

This incredible piece can be picked up for only $129.99 at 
 flower chomper


  • Height = 10" or ~25cm

  • Diameter = 4" or ~10cm

  • Base Mounted Showerhead Percolator

  • 5mm Thickness

  • More than twice the volume of the 7" Hemper Gaming Bong

  • Ready to transport you to other realms (maybe)

Number 3: Hemper Gaming Flower Bong XL

This is the most eye-catching bong on this list. It has a lot going on inside, for example, the mushroom percolator inspired by real mushrooms!

It also has a golden Mario coin "floating" inside as an ice catcher and drip guard.

The website tells us we can sit back, grab a controller and enjoy big, smooth rips.

This fabulous piece can be picked up for only $129.99 at Hemper. co-discounted from $199.99.
mario bong, flower chomper


  • Height = 12" or ~30cm

  • Diameter = 4" or ~10cm

  • Large Mushroom Percolator

  • 5mm Thickness

  • On Sale Right Now

Number 4: Mega Mario Bong

Truly a chaotic Mario bong here, folks. This is different from your ordinary shop for not-so-ordinary customers. Add this to your cart, and your friends might think you are crazy or take it as a sign to light up even crazier than before. However, I can confirm that people want to try it.

And don't worry, due to its double chamber, cleaning is a breeze. Accessing the insides will be fine; share away.

The double chamber can also be filled with ice. Your lungs will thank you!

This excellent piece can be picked up for only $36.99 at Smokingoutlet

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  • Height = 9" or ~23cm

  • Double Chamber

  • Silicone and Borosilicate Glass

  • Cylinder Percolator

  • 3mm Thickness

Number 5: Super Mario 10" Double Percolator Bong

Some might say this Super Mario is cursed because it kinda looks like he was logged between two packages in a USPS truck. Some say this Super Mario has a disease and needs you to cure him by ripping harder than you have ripped before. I say this Super Mario is perfect.

I wasn't able to find a review on this one and to access the site, you have to be in the USA or Canada. They also only ship to the USA or Canada.

This spooky Super Mario bong can be purchased for $72.99 at SmokingOutlet

mario bang


  • Height = 9.75" or ~25cm

  • Tree Percolator

  • Double Chamber

  • Borosilicate Glass

  • 4mm Thickness

  • Available with black or green accents

Number 6: Bob Omb 4" Dab Rig / Bong

A perfect bong for the traveling type. The type who wants to be able to take their bong anywhere. They made it extra durable to prevent shattering in your backpack, but I would still wrap it in a towel or some newspaper and put it on top of your other stuff.

This product is adorable, and a hit from this is just like a treat from the candy shelf at the supermarket. I actually evaluated my life after wanting to buy 5 of these to have them next to each other. The evaluation ended up saying; You're fine; no worries, dude.

This cute mini bong can be picked up for only $36.99 at discounted from $53.99.

Bobomb bong, enter

It advertises as a Dab rig, but any dab rig can be a bong, and any bong can be a dab rig, read more about it here.


  • Height = 4" or ~10cm

  • Flared Mouthpiece

Number 7: Silicone Mario Bong

If you're afraid, your bong is going to break, stop worrying and get a silicone bong. This super simple bong has an easy and appealing design. It could be more detailed, but fill it up, use it, and the detail will come.

It is made using food-grade platinum-cured silicone.

This insane work of art can be purchased at Inhalco for $29.98. Use coupon code FreddieHNS for 15% off.

cool bongs


  • Height = 11" or ~27cm

Number 8: Chomper and Figure Bong

A great and goofy-looking Super Mario bong. It is hand blown, 11 inches tall, and hits like a dream. Sharing almost works better.

You can get it at!

stock, shop, shipping, review

Number 9: (honorable mention): Mario, Luigi, or Wario Pipe

Not a bong, but I had to include them. These cursed accessories will surely get you some curious looks. I can guarantee a lot of laughter, maybe slight fear as well.

This product will either make it or break it in your mind and should only be used if it is acceptable to be sent away to Mario Land.

It can be purchased on Etsy for about $25.00

stock, shop, shipping, review


  • Length = 4.5" or ~11cm

  • Heavy Duty

  • Hand Made

  • Unique

  • borosilicate glass


  • Discreet packaging

Good Luck in Mario Land

I hope you found my top 7 list helpful in your journey to find your perfect Mario bong. These were the coolest I was able to find. Unfortunately, the coolest ones I found are not for purchase and are made one-of-a-kind.

If you ever feel like putting the bong away but still want to get high, check out my guide on how to make the best herb brownies! Good luck -Freddie

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